Last updates


2012.02.28.    Links updated.

2008.05.07.    Dutch(!) Demonstration manual, Set Up Guide and Programming handbook, thanks for Zozosoft!

Spanish(!) Programming handbook, thanks for Gustavo!

2008.03.22.    Hungarian Játékprogram ismertető füzet III and Segédprogram ismertető füzet, thanks for Zozosoft!

2007.11.15.    Article of Your Computers 1984 january

2007.05.07.    English EP 80+ manual, thanks for Zozosoft.

2007.05.07.    English Zzzip manual, thanks for Benny Damsgaard!

2007.04.17.    English IS-DOS manual, thanks for Robin Ketelaars!

2006.12.27.    German EXDOS, IS-DOS manual, thanks for Zozosoft.

2006.12.22.    EXOS 2.0 documentations, thanks for Wouter Scholten!

2006.12.02.    +2 casette inlays, thanks for luzso128!

2006.11.28.    Casettes page updated.

2006.11.24.    IS-LISP manual pdf & html.

2006.10.20.    One new casette inlay.

2006.10.19.    Some new casette inlay.

2006.09.25.    'Spectrum világ' part 3. Documentation from conversion of Spectrum


2006.09.16.    Some picture.

2006.09.12.    SpV 1 and SpV 2 in html format (hungarian).

2006.09.05.    Some new pictures and better translation in Extensions. New Prospekt.

                       Some new documentation.

2006.08.31.    EPROM-programmer, EPROM-programmer PCB and new informations

                       for EPROM/SRAM card.

2006.08.30.    Enterprise-TVC catalog. Segment 1 ROM list. Repaired EPTE from


2006.08.29.    Some new picture from the machine and the Cumana's boxed floppy.

2006.08.28.    One hungarian article.

2006.08.22.    Enterprise meeting 2006.08.19. in photos.

2006.08.17.    Some new pictures, casette inlays and documentation.

2006.08.07.    Spectrum World 1 (hungarian)

2006.07.31.    Enterprise Set Up Guide.

2006.07.14.    TTL IC Tester technikal information.

2006.07.08.    Some new picture.

2006.07.11.    Some change in 'My computer'.

2006.07.05.    Some new casette inlay.

2006.07.02.    New Enter Face .pdf.

2006.06.30.    More new picture from Zozosoft.

2006.06.28.    Garantie card and program list from Mentrid.

                       SMD turbocard guide.

                       New pictures from extensions! (Thanks for Zozo!)

2006.06.26.    Enter-Face HTML format and better .pdf (in progress).

2006.06.19.    Enterprise Application Notes 23.

2006.06.02.    2 new Enterprise game in progres:

                       Prince of Persia (geco) and Pop-up (Zozosoft)

2006.05.30.    The page update in progres. Sorry in reduce mode working yet.

2006.05.29.    New Enterprise games! Atomix (Povy) and Exolon (geco).

                       Enterprise brochure, Enterprise Application Notes and

                       Private Enterprise Magazine ISSUE 1-3. Thanks for The Spider!

                       Some new picture and documentation.

2006.01.16.    New documentations and pictures (in Others, Articles, etc.)

2005.12.21.    Casette inlay summary. Some new screenshot from Ork Megademo III.

2005.12.19.    PCB summary.

2005.11.28.    Enterprise Programming Guide .pdf version.

2005.11.25.    Enterprise Programming Guide (in work).

2005.11.22.    Enterprise Tecnical Documentation from Enterprise Depository and

                       Emulator project (Thanks for LGB).

2005.11.17.    RS232 interface (Mouse card) for PC comp. mouse overview.

                       Comparison of Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Enterprise games in

                       Evolution page. Books, , Magazines, Articles and Other documentation,

                       Extensions pages also is englis language. (Thank's for Viktor Varga)

2005.11.10.    Enterprise EXDOS manual complette, without OCR correcture

2005.11.08.    English language pages. Sorry, very elementary - yet. Enterprise

                       EXDOS manual (in work).