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The Elan story

The Begining...


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Egg on faces as Elan turns into Flan

The Elan - Flan change of name.


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All cange at Flan

The Flan - Enterprise change of name.


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Personal Computer News.

Enterprise 64k test

Personal Computer World 1984 november.

Hardware test

Personal Computer News

Pre-release promotion



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Article from "Világgazdaság" (hungarian)

Promotion (hungarian)

Promotion prospekt (hungarian)

Promotion prospekt (hungarian)

Promotion prospekt


Report with Vilmos Kopácsi (hungarian)

(VTGe Elektronikai Kft. - the Enterprise Computers GmbH representation in Hungary - managing director.)

From Enterpress.


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Enterprise test and error correction from Vilmos Kopácsi (hungarian)

'Microcomputer Magazine' 1987/9,11

Hungarian 'Enterprise status" one year after the release (hungarian)

'Microcomputer Magazine' 1988/7

Report series (hungarian)

'Microcomputer Magazine' 1988/8-1989/3

Enterpress poster (hungarian)

Hungarian Enterprise 128k newsletter.

Enterprise poster (hungarian)

Microcomputer Magazine.