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Enterface (hungarian)


The Enterface magazine started as a monthly magazine for Enterprise users, but it had only one issue, because the low advertising of this magazine. This was published by the 'a' STÚDIÓ.


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Enterpress (hungarian)


This was tha last regularly published magazine for the Enterprise users. It had 4 full and 2 not full years. Recommended for everyone.

Enterprise news (hungarian)


This magazine tried to fill the gap after the end of the Enterpress, but it ws never published. A bit uncomplete, but it is interesting.

Spectrum Világ (hungarian)

(Spectrum World)


This magazine had from the issue 8 4 pages Enterprise extension. There were a lot of Spectrum conversion on Enterprise, so the other pages were usefull for an Enterprise gamer. The last issue was the 25th.

Mikrovilág (hungarian)



The Mikrovilág was the one of the firsts computer magazine in Hungary.

It was published two weekly by Computerworld Kft. In the first years it covers mainly the 8 bit computers , but later followed the changed time, the PC had more weight in it. There was in this magazine type-in games, and ENTERPRISE releated articles were near regularly in it.

Mikroszámítógép magazin (hungarian)

(Microcomputer Magazine)


It was published monthly, and the articles covered many computer types. There was a preiod, when it includes regularly ENTERPRISE arcticles to. Later it was moved to the PC world.

Enterprise Szolgálat (hungarian)

(Enterprise Service)


This "newsletter" was the personal initiative of Mr Alajos PATEK. It was stenciled, and cost free sent by post.