EGZO's (alias Exosworm) page, hi is the developer of the first Win Enterprise emulator (EP32).

Enterprise forum on, most 3000 reply.

New enterprise forum with english section ().

Laszló Kiss Enterprise/Spectrum page, the bigest Enterprise collection with books, magazines, programs, etc. My page's design and material significant part come from this page.

László Pertik's page. Big site with programs and magazines.

Daniel Stocker's page. His program EPTE is a tape emulator for Enterprise.

Mirror in this page!

Enterprise depository and emulator project, the first Enterprise site.

Deleted at 2005, can be found in the Internet Archive.

XYBeR_abt's page with some documentations, casette inlays, articles, pictures.

Povi's page, active program developer. Here is english language section. Page deleted :-( can be found in the Internet Archive.

Hungarian Sinclair portal.

Pettingmaster's page with enormous hungarian language magazine and book scan.

Computer museum with bigest Enterprise material.

World of Spectrum.

The Amstrad CPC Games Resource.