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There are 146 free Tape Files are available here, mostly games. All of them are tested. The softwares contained by the Tape Files found here are public domain, and are available on other Enterprise 128 forums/resources.

ENTERPRISE 128k Tape Files (zipped)

 Program pack name

 File name

 File size


  Rambling 27 games rambtap.zip  609KB  details
  Rush 23 games  rushtap.zip  378KB  details
  Strategy, Logical 21 games wsstap.zip  491KB  details
  Movie, Sport 23 games msttap.zip  653KB  details
  User 3 user usertap.zip  18KB  details
  Camme 28 games cammetap.zip  651KB  details
  Pack #1 20 mixed pack1tap.zip  429KB  details


Extract the ZIP files into the "...\EPTE\Tape Files" directory. To load them into the EP start EPTE, then click on the play button. Select the file to be loaded, and press 'Open'. Make sure you've connected the EP to the PC correctly. To load them into an EP emulator (like Kevin Thacker's or the one you can download from the EP depository) you have to extract them first by selecting the 'Extract a .TAP file' from the pop-up menu of EPTE. For more information see the EPTE help file.

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